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7 Monks Ventures

7 Monks Ventures is founded on three dimensions of quality. We believe in three-axis of quality: Product, Packaging and Processing.

When it comes to quality we segregate our products into two categories:

  • Taste oriented products
  • Commodities.

For Taste oriented products such as Snacks, Pickles, Papad, Khakhra and Bakery we have very efficient Quality Assurance processes. We provide a few samples to our clients for each requirement. Then we allow them to select variations based on their preferred taste profile.

Each of our food products goes through post-production quality control where taste is verified by our certified tasters.

For commodities, it’s all our price and quality. We understand when it comes to spices and lentils, you want the best deal without sacrificing the quality. To give you the best of both worlds we work directly with farmers.

We pick the best commodities at the best price. After picking the product from the farm we put them through a proper double cortex process. We make sure each commodity will pass proper lab tests for foreign Health and Food agencies.

We can also perform extra lab tests on commodities based on the Client’s requirements.

Our Values


Creative & Innovative

We affirm creating unique products. This, we would attain through a sustained process of innovation and indigenization. We will be a creative and thinking company that shall explore newer markets and better products with sustained efforts of product development and research.


Best In Class Quality

We are dedicated to the highest level of quality in everything we do. Be it technology, people, systems or processes, we keep raising the bar for ourselves ensuring the best at all times.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer delight is our core philosophy. Customers drive our passion for innovative solutions and help us deliver results that have a global bearing. In building lasting relationships with customers, we will forge bonds for future successes.

Team Work

We are accountable for consistent and sustainable results by focusing on the present and future opportunities, eliminating obstacles internal & external. By recruiting ethical and talented people, we inspire the team to be accountable and pursue excellence. As a team, we are led by a common goal to deliver the best at all times.

Being a leading and reliable international trading company adding sustainable value to our Clients & Shareholders, by innovating in our products and maintaining ethical value our primogenitor edified.

– Provide integrated trade solutions to customers to ensure sustainable profits.

– Focus on being the leading merchant exporter of all sorts of Food Products.

– Being among the top three trading companies across segments including Food, Beverages, Groceries & Other products.

– Maintaining Discipline in all the aspects of our Organization by documenting our SOPs, KRAs & Working Policies.

– Serve as an effective and accountable instrument of public policy and be socially responsible.

Our Process

We start each of our client’s requirements with an analysis. We first ask for your requirement for your container. We make suggestions based on your requirement. Often our suggestions help you in saving costs in long run. After verifying the quote from your end we will send you variations on items that you may require. For example, you may have a preference for crispiness in your Khari or khakhra. After confirmation from your end on each product, we move on to the next stage.

Good Designs are part of many successful brands. Good designs are an integral part of new brands. If you are launching a new brand good packaging and design give customers one more reason to pick your product from the shelf. This core idea is fully comprehended by our team. We have partnered with a top designer brand in India. Also, our design team understands the requirement for each particular geographic area.

Packaging is a major expense for new brand launches or new product launches. We have filtered through many printing companies. Our relationship with these companies will give your the best print quality at a very reasonable price.

Production is a serious business for us. This is where the highest attention is given to us. We start by selecting the best ingredients for products manufactured. We keep them under the right conditions. We make sure during production or procurement your quality expectations are maintained. In the end, each product is crafted with one thing in mind: “Quality is King”.

After production, we send a sample of a product to our customers and keep one at our factory. We can also perform requested lab tests. Appropriate documentation is created for export and are forwarded to our customers.

Our Reach is Worldwide

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